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tr698F - Innovative-RC Big Bore Shocks for HPI Baja 5b/5T/5SC - Front/Silver

After 18+ Months of testing we are pleased to release the Innovative-RC true Big Bore shocks for the HPI Baja 5B & 5T, Innovative-RC 'Big Bore' shocks are purposely built from the ground up using no HPI parts what so ever. Giving a true after market shock with many features over stock shocks...with full spares of every part available.

Starting with a large oversized shock body of 20mm giving a huge volume of oil followed by a 8mm high tensile steel shaft that is precision ground round for a perfect seal in all conditions as opposed to 4mm (RTR) & 6mm (VVC) shafts. no large shock shaft would be complete with full Umbrella/ Oil seals to give the best possible oil seal, making leaks a thing of the past. we have also build other seals with in the shock bottom cap to stop and limit any dirt & sand entering into the shock seals and shock body which is main cause of leaks. so no expensive seal upgrades are needed.

Each shock Cap Contains a bleeder hole for easy quick assemble and bleeding of the shocks once filled with oil removing all air and excess oil quickly and efficiently. While the shock body has a fully adjustable unlimited potion adjust that screws up and down the length of the shock body giving that i deal shock spring set-up for any track or condition that might come up.

Each shocks Spring retainer is full housed on the shock shaft & rose joint meaning the retainer can no longer come loose meaning no more lost or loose spring retainers.

.:Over View:

  • Massive 8mm front shock shaft - ground round for a perfect sea - Surface finish: Better than 0.6 microns (25 micro inch)
  • 2x Front Big Bore shocks - pre assembled.

  • 2x Bottom rose joint balls for front mounting - pre installed.

  • 2x top front shock mount pivots for Stock mounting (For other mounts please see option extra or contact us).

  • screws & hardware for mounting front shocks.

  • Pre install Umbrella/Oil seals for leak free and long life shock operation.

  • Extra seal protection before oil/umbrella seal to stop sand and find dirt entering seals.

  • Same length as stock HPI Baja shocks, so direct fit.

.:Needed & recommended Parts:.

  • Shock Oil - 57ml (2oz) ~ fills two and half shocks.

  • Baja 5B 5T SS Rear Shock Brace - part# 87551

  • recommended - front shock braces for extra support - Innovative-RC or other. (TR fully comparable with TR top pivot stand-offs)

  • Coustom Shock Socks available from us & groovy_gaiters

.:Oil recommended:.
We find we do get asked this question quite often, please use the bellow as a guide line only, as we can not know your driving style and likes but we find it helps most people get started on there way to a set-up they like, also custom pistons can help in shock rebound rates (see shock parts for blank pistons and other piston types)

Silicone shock oil, recommend, 20-35wt front, 25-45wt rear. (~200CPS - 400CPS front, 280CPS - 650 CPS rear),

Innovative-RC Big Bore Shocks for HPI Baja 5b/5T/5SC - Front/Silver - $139.00
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