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jj590RD - Kraken RC Bullet Fueler Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T - Red

Kraken RC "Bullet Fueler" For HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC

The Bullet Fueler is the first ever true large scale RC fueling system for the HPI Baja.  It is both lightweight and tough!  It is constructed with billet aluminum and proprietary blend of high impact gas resistant polymer. It is further sealed with replaceable Milt-Spec gas resistant O Rings.  No drilling or modifications are needed to the gas tank. Just replace the gas cap and you are good to go!  The "Bullet" is streamline and fits in the back of your pocket or in your backpack. Fill up your gas tank up and put a Bullet Fueler in your back pocket and you are ready to go!

Benefits of using this system:

·         Cleaner fueling. Prevents sand and mud from getting into your gas tank

·         Efficient fueling with no messy spills

·         Quick and easy. Great for racers and bashers alike

·         NEVER unscrew your gas cap again!

·         Drain fuel out of your Baja quickly*

·         You will always have fresh fuel in your gas tank by removing old gas from the tank.

Now includes handy 25:1 fuel ratio sticker!

Note: For use with a TEAM CHASE rollcage, adapter part jj597 is also required.

*Great for maintaining your Baja. Your motor seals & gaskets will last longer with an empty tank

About Kraken RC:

Kraken RC is a design company solely focused on making innovative and basher grade hop-ups for the HPI Baja 5B/T. Kraken RC is family owned and operated with a commitment to provide the highest quality products. Our goal is to provide excellent customer support to dealers and end users.

Kraken RC Bullet Fueler Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T - Red  (Out of Stock) - $69.00
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